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Will you let the Countess escape or will you let her get captured? 

Play as the fortune teller that will unveil the truth upon why the Countess is hiding from the Prince and what fate would the characters have due to your own choices. Their future relies on your hands.

This game has two different endings depending on your choice. The flow of events can also change depending on your choices. Who will you end up with?
(Playtime of this Visual Novel or Interactive Story would be ~30 minutes.)

(Story+Art+Soundtrack+Code by Yaryankune)

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Hi, just want to ask if the android version is still available? I can't seems to find it


Beautiful game! Gorgeous art and likable characters, thanks for making it, and the best of luck on the future projects

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Love it, good luck on your future projects.


It's a slow day living the life of a traveling fortune teller, until the second prince of the kingdom bursts into your tent looking for Lady Madaline. Whom he recently called off his engagement with, as he has reason to suspect that she stole their families Royal Jewels. 

You go through out the story with dialogue choices to help both the Prince and the Countess as many of the options lead to you sympathizing with both. They have valid reasons for their actions, and you as the reader can decide if they're justified. I personally feel that Lady Madaline had other options, but is a bit of a trouble maker and thus chose the path that she did. All of the characters were engaging to talk to, with some sentences having poor grammar which took away from the otherwise great conversations. With some polish, I really do think sentence structure and spelling could be fixed rather easily. The one element of the game that did confuse me, was choosing a card. I had to select multiple to get the right one, which I assume had to do with my dialogue options up until that point. I feel as if this system could be improved in some way, but I don't have any particular suggestions.

The artwork was easily one of my favorite things about the game. From the characters and backgrounds which are incredibly detailed, to the couple of CG's that are viewable. My playtime took over 40 minutes, obtaining both endings. I didn't read through all of the available dialogue. There are many options you can choose, but I was most interested in seeing what each ending looked like. Both of which are satisfying, even if I would've liked them fleshed out more with accompanying visuals. This was Yaryankune's first Visual Novel, and I would like to say that they did a wonderful job. There were many elements I liked, and most of my complaints are things that could be easily fixed. I hope that this is the beginning of many immersive stories to come. There is great potential here.